Duck Donuts

When faced with the challenge of converting a non-restaurant space in one of Tallahassee’s oldest shopping centers into Duck Donuts, WestScott Construction didn’t shy away from the challenge. Instead, after almost a full demolition of the existing exercise studio, they invested in new specialty fixtures and finishes, giving Duck Donuts a unique atmosphere.

Wakulla Springs Ranger Station

Wakulla Springs Ranger Station

When Wakulla Springs needed a complete remodel of their ranger station, WestScott Construction provided its expertise. Within the ranger station, WestScott completed a full remodel of the men’s and women’s bathrooms. This included fully gutting the existing interior and the installation of new plumbing, septic lines and much more.

King and Wood

When the King and Wood office space was ready to expand, WestScott Construction Inc. was ready to tackle the task. WestScott expanded the office by creating an advanced media room and two additional office spaces. After project completion, King and Wood was revamped with everything, including electrical motion sensors.

Bricks & Brass

When this iconic structure needed a revamp, WestScott Inc. stepped in to answer the call. The ’round hotel’ is well known throughout the Tallahassee’s community so special care was taken to install an outdoor patio, privacy fencing and full renovations to the Bricks & Brass Conference Center.

Fit and Functional Fitness Center

When the Fit and Functional fitness center was ready for a shape-up, WestScott Construction delivered. To help this group fitness center get into shape, WestScott carried out an extensive studio build-out and expanded the space for an optimal workout environment.

Change of Pace Hair Salon

When Tallahassee’s Change of Pace Hair Salon needed a change of pace for itself, WestScott Construction was prepared to complete an ambitious renovation. Change of Pace Hair Salon has been a beloved beauty retreat in Tallahassee since 2000. WestScott completed a beauty salon addition and executed a renovation project to keep this revered beauty salon in excellent condition. After project completion, the interior salon reflects the peaceful, relaxing setting Change of Pace is known for.

Westminster Oaks Parry Building Lobby & Suites Renovation

WestScott Construction Inc. came to the rescue when Westminster Oaks was ready to revitalize its retirement community, including the Parry Building. WestScott facilitated the selective demolition of outdated units and provided a fresh renovation within the Parry Building. To make the living units more comfortable, renovations included numerous upgrades including the addition of kitchenettes.

Department of Juvenile Justice Center

The Department of Juvenile Justice was in need of Standby generator systems for their Crestview and Okaloosa Youth Academies. Thankfully, WestScott Construction was prepared to provide their services. Each existing generator system was upgraded from an existing unit, which would power only emergency essentials, to a new 350kw diesel generator. The new system intercepts a 1200-amp service and is supplied by a 2200 fuel tank that will power all facility operations for up to 96 hours un-interrupted.

Van Buren Facility Renovations

The East Van Buren Facility needed a construction team that shared the architecture firm’s principal service philosophy of empowering clients “to demand more than anyone has the right to expect.” WestScott Construction was the perfect match. WestScott supervised the demolition and replacement of the facility’s ground floor. New doors, ceilings, and plumbing fixtures were all taken out by WestScott’s proficient team of experts.

Fuel Shed

Stege Fuel Shed

When a client requested the full design and build of the Stege Fuel Shed, WestScott Construction was ready to dive in. The build of this 1,760-square-foot covered fuel shed included a spill containment area for three above-ground, single-wall storage tanks. With concrete slab and footing, and a CMU block containment wall, this structure was sound. WestScott included a liquid-applied membrane on the floors and walls to contain fuel leaks. To finalize the structure, the team used structural steel columns, beams and purlins with metal roof decking.

Ochlockonee River State Park – Outdoor Bathroom

When the Ochlockonee River State Park was ready for their outdoor bathrooms to be renovated, WestScott Construction was on standby. This project involved a complete demo of the interior stalls, all plumbing fixtures and the floor tile construction site. Once WestScott Construction was ready to start on a new page, renovations included the installation of floor drains, replacement plumbing pipes, new electric hand dryers and light fixtures, as well as structural features like stalls and doors.

FGA Railroad Depot

When the FGA Railroad Depot in Attapulgas, GA needed a fresh remodel, WestScott Construction came to the rescue. With a project involving a deep clean, professional power wash, repaired siding, a new roof, and a clean coat of paint, the FGA Railroad Depot now looks as good as new. 

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels’

When Auntie Anne’s Pretzels needed a sweet renovation to its storage room, WestScott Construction Inc. was there to help. The project included the addition of an HVAC system, plumbing and electrical components, drywall repair and painting, along with FPR and a new epoxy-speckled floor. Appliances were also relocated for optimal space use.

Florida Trust of Historical Preservation

When the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation needed repairs while still preserving its own historical significance, WestScott Construction was delighted to step in. The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, founded in 1978, is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to protecting Florida’s extraordinary heritage and history. WestScott came in to make exterior repairs to emergency exit doors and renovate the building’s siding and porch.

Greenville Depot

Greenville Depot

The Greenville Depot needed an interior and exterior refresh and WestScott Construction was ready to tackle the job. Interior renovations included installation of new wood paneling, new LVT flooring and more. For the exterior, WestScott installed a new 28ga metal roof and new soffit and fascia around the entire building, pressure washed and repainted, installed a garage roll-up door and repaired other damage.

Barrington Park

When the Barrington Park Apartments sought repairs for 14 buildings, WestScott Construction was ready to help ensure secure and peaceful living accommodations. This project included the assessment and completion of structural and building repairs and improvements which varied from building to building.

RJ Young

RJ Young

This commercial project for RJ Young required a turn-key remodel for new tenants and WestScott Construction was ready to rise to the challenge. This project started with the remodel of the existing bath to allow for ADA compliance, a new partition wall to separate offices from the reception area, the addition of two office spaces and a complete repair of the fire wall. WestScott concluded the project for RJ Young with all new carpeted and hard flooring, ceiling tiles and a fresh coat of paint.


Piedmont Park Alliance Church

The Piedmont Park Alliance Church needed some heavy lifting when it came to its remodel so WestScott Construction hit the ground running. The WestScott team started by removing the existing sanctuary stage stairs and a portion of the existing acoustic ceiling tiles . The project included the construction of a new backstage, baptismal pool and elevated stage with oak stairs and kneelers. Piedmont Park was finalized with decorative trim moldings, new paneling, electrical, stage lighting and more.

John Wesley United Methodist Church

When the John Wesley United Methodist Church experienced a flooding issue, WestScott Construction was there to assist. The John Wesley United Methodist Church has a rich history in our community. Formed in 1960 as a humble gathering of locals at Hartsfield Elementary School, it has grown as a pillar of generosity of spirit and service in Tallahassee. Following the flooding of church classrooms, WestScott performed several repairs, and it is now up and running again.

Deer Lake United Methodist Church

Deer Lake United Methodist Church had quite the request for a remodel, and WestScott Construction was ready to step up to the task of adding a peaceful breezeway for partitioners to enjoy. When you hire WestScott, you can trust our team will be mindful and respectful in sacred spaces. Whether the job is big or small, you can depend on WestScott Inc. to get it done right the first time.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

When Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church needed a complete steeple repair, WestScott Construction was ready to renew the structure. Following the construction project, Saint Paul’s now has a striking steeple that matches its strong foundation. For church or temple repairs, you can count on the WestScott team to complete the work with the utmost respect, skill and care.


Residential Renovation

This residential renovation needed a boost and the WestScott Construction team wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Completed during the summer season, WestScott removed and replaced over 80% of the home’s flooring. The project included a full remodel of the kitchen with a custom range hood and cabinetry installation. The home also received a dining table with a matching quartz top.

304 Oak South – Westminster Gardens

When this home in Westminster Gardens needed a fresh start, WestScott Construction was thrilled to take on the job. This full renovation included the replacement of carpet, appliances, lighting fixtures, fans and a shower. The home was successfully completed with the installation of granite countertops, a fresh layer of paint, all new bathroom fixtures and the addition of ceiling beams.

Residential Home

WestScott Construction has a history of remodeling projects for Westminster Oaks and that is for good reason. Like many other residential homes, this one needed a refresh, and WestScott was there to provide a total renovation. This renovation encompassed everything from all new appliances to new cabinets and flooring.

4151 Diplomacy Circle

One of many projects at Westminster Oaks, 4151 Diplomacy Circle needed to be freshened up. Like many times before, WestScott Construction was delighted to help. This residential home required a demo of countertops and shower and the removal of outdated fixtures. WestScott Construction then installed new LED lighting, granite countertops, appliances, and more.

4172 Diplomacy Circle

Alongside many other buildings within Westminster Oaks, this home at 4172 Diplomacy Circle was ready for a remodel, and WestScott Construction was delighted to continue the work with this community. This successful renovation included the removal of old flooring, appliances, counter tops, showers and more. This was swiftly followed up by installations of all-new products.

Westminster Oaks 108 Oak South

A residential home at Westminster Oaks was ready for a change, and WestScott Construction was there to answer the call. This remodel covered all the bases, with the removal of cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and more. WestScott then installed everything the home could need, including new tile, ceiling beams, appliances, cabinets, and more.