Department of Juvenile Justice Center

The Department of Juvenile Justice was in need of Standby generator systems for their Crestview and Okaloosa Youth Academies. Thankfully, WestScott Construction was prepared to provide their services. Each existing generator system was upgraded from an existing unit, which would power only emergency essentials, to a new 350kw diesel generator. The new system intercepts a 1200-amp service and is supplied by a 2200 fuel tank that will power all facility operations for up to 96 hours un-interrupted.

Ochlockonee River State Park – Outdoor Bathroom

When the Ochlockonee River State Park was ready for their outdoor bathrooms to be renovated, WestScott Construction was on standby. This project involved a complete demo of the interior stalls, all plumbing fixtures and the floor tile construction site. Once WestScott Construction was ready to start on a new page, renovations included the installation of floor drains, replacement plumbing pipes, new electric hand dryers and light fixtures, as well as structural features like stalls and doors.

FGA Railroad Depot

When the FGA Railroad Depot in Attapulgas, GA needed a fresh remodel, WestScott Construction came to the rescue. With a project involving a deep clean, professional power wash, repaired siding, a new roof, and a clean coat of paint, the FGA Railroad Depot now looks as good as new. 

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels’

When Auntie Anne’s Pretzels needed a sweet renovation to its storage room, WestScott Construction Inc. was there to help. The project included the addition of an HVAC system, plumbing and electrical components, drywall repair and painting, along with FPR and a new epoxy-speckled floor. Appliances were also relocated for optimal space use.

Westminster Oaks Parry Building Lobby & Suites Renovation

WestScott Construction Inc. came to the rescue when Westminster Oaks was ready to revitalize its retirement community, including the Parry Building. WestScott facilitated the selective demolition of outdated units and provided a fresh renovation within the Parry Building. To make the living units more comfortable, renovations included numerous upgrades including the addition of kitchenettes.

King and Wood

When the King and Wood office space was ready to expand, WestScott Construction Inc. was ready to tackle the task. WestScott expanded the office by creating an advanced media room and two additional office spaces. After project completion, King and Wood was revamped with everything, including electrical motion sensors.

Van Buren Facility Renovations

When Rolando J Gutierres, Architects needed a construction partner to redesign The East Van Buren Facility, Westscott Construction Inc. was a perfect match. We not only share the principle service philosophy of empowering our clients but also deliver a comprehensive and thorough completion of a project. Westcott team supervised the demolition and replacement of the facility’s Ground Floor. New doors, ceilings, and plumbing fixtures were all taken out by WestScott’s proficient team of experts.

Bricks & Brass

When this iconic structure needed a revamp, WestScott Inc. stepped in to answer the call. The ’round hotel’ is well known throughout the Tallahassee’s community so special care was taken to install an outdoor patio, privacy fencing and full renovations to the Bricks & Brass Conference Center.

Change of Pace Hair Salon

Change of Pace Hair Salon has been beloved beauty retreat in Tallahassee since 2000. WestScott executed a renovation project to keep this revered beauty salon in excellent condition. After project completion, the interior salon reflects the peaceful, relaxing setting Change of Pace is known for.

Florida Trust of Historical Preservation

The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, founded in 1978, is the statewide nonprofit dedicated to protecting Florida’s extraordinary heritage and history. WestScott came in to make exterior repairs to emergency exit doors and renovated the…

Barrington Park

WestScott’s skilled professionals saw to the repair of 14 apartment buildings for this project. Structural, and building repairs and improvements that varied from building to building were assessed and completed. WestScott worked our signature care and attention to detail so Barrington Park residents could continue to enjoy secure and peaceful living accommodations.

Westminster Oaks Retirement Community

One of our more ambitious projects, WestScott executed a comprehensive and far reaching list of projects to revamp this lively, peaceful retirement community. The projects tasks included; community Housing upgrades and repairs, Parry Center bathroom upgrades, Azalea and Chason Lobby renovations…


Piedmont Park Church

Piedmont Park Church on Thomasville Road is our latest remodeling and renovation projects. After working out the particulars with the clients, Westscott team hit the ground running- we removed the existing sanctuary stage stairs and a portion of the existing acoustical ceiling tiles, and lighting. After that, the heavy lifting for this project had begun. Our experienced team has an extensive resumé of satisfied clients, approaching each project with efficiency, reverence, and respect is the WestScott way.

John Wesley UMC

John Wesley United Mthodist Church has a storied history in our community. Formed in 1960 as a humble gathering of locals at Hartsfield Elementary School, it has grown as a pillar of generosity of spirit and service in…

Dear Lake United Methodist

Our skilled team completed the construction of Deerlake Methodists 9,000 square-foot education and installed a peaceful breezeway for parishioners to enjoy. Additonally WestScott Inc. remodeled the churches Sanctuary and Narthex. When you…

St. Paul’s UMC

Westscott’s team came in to execute complete steeple repairs for St. Paul’s. Now the church has a strking steeple that matches it’s strong foundation. For church or religious templerepairs, you can count on our team to do the work with the utmost respect, skill, and care.


4172 Diplomacy Circle

Alongside many other buildings within Westminster Oaks, this home at 4172 Diplomacy Circle was ready for a remodel, and WestScott Construction was delighted to continue the work with this community. This successful renovation included the removal of old flooring, appliances, counter tops, showers and more. This was swiftly followed up by installations of all-new products.

Westminster Oaks 108 Oak South

A residential home at Westminster Oaks was ready for a change, and WestScott Construction was there to answer the call. This remodel covered all the bases, with the removal of cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and more. WestScott then installed everything the home could need, including new tile, ceiling beams, appliances, cabinets, and more.

Westminster Oaks – Azalea Gardens Home

This Azalea Gardens Home at Westminster Oaks in Tallahassee, Florida is one of many renovation projects WestScott Construction has completed for Westminster Oaks. The team had roughly 3 weeks to turn this apartment around for a incoming resident.