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Since 2001, WestScott Construction has earned a reputation for quality construction, timely completion and caring customer service.

The vision for what would become WestScott Construction began in 1976 when president Scott McLuckie became a basic carpenter’s helper in high school. Scott went on to become a site supervisor while in college at Florida State University. Continuing in his passion for construction, Scott became a licensed General Contractor.

Those who do business with WestScott Construction know that we communicate often concerning the status of each project. We work hard to be accommodating to any project changes that come up during the course of a construction project. With years of experience, there isn’t a request out there big or small we haven’t already handled.

WestScott Construction only hires professional employees and subcontractors with a proven track record that reflects WestScott’s reputation.

WestScott Construction provides the talent to incorporate innovative ideas with regard to design and space into each project.

Scott McLuckie’s passion and pride of the construction trade is the cornerstone of WestScott Construction. Additionally, his strong belief in giving back to the community through volunteer works is one of the many reasons why Tallahassee residents and business owners trust WestScott Construction Inc. as their preferred General Contractor and construction service provider.

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Our Core Values


As our clients have come to know firsthand, you can depend on WestScott to get your project done right the first time. Our experienced team is knowledgeable and prepared to face challenges that can arise over the course of a construction project.


Our values in and out of the office play a major role in who is selected to wear the WestScott uniform. Commitment to family is one crucial value because, to us, our clients are family. WestScott has renovated homes and businesses for entire communities. We do this work because we care. It’s ingrained in the WestScott mission to build our community up. With our unmatched skills and service, WestScott will complete your project on time. We’ll take care of you like family.


WestScott will approach your dining room renovations as if we’d be joining you for Sunday dinner. We construct Churches with respect for parishioners who fill the pews week after week in mind. You can have peace of mind in your home, office, state agency, Temple, or Synagogue when WestScott is at the helm of your construction project. Trust us. We’ll get it done right the first time.


President Scott McLuckie has been in the Construction Business for decades. He’s a local guy with long ties to this community. In building his company, Scott looked for seasoned professionals with the same passion for construction that first sparked his interest as a carpenter’s assistant in high school. Combined, WestScott Inc. has over a century worth of construction/building experience. We’ve applied that experience to renovate the Executive Office of the Governor, update historic buildings, FDLE, Westminster Oaks Retirement Community, and more. The WestScott Inc. name has become synonymous with excellence in construction services because of our dependable and committed staff. When challenges arise, our will to continue that legacy comes from simply looking around at all we’ve built in the community we are honored to serve.


When setting foot into private residences, Federal Offices, or religious grounds, it is of the utmost importance to carry ourselves in a manner that honors our clients. Care, skill, and respect are what we’ve come to be known for only because we have given respect generously both on and off the clock.


We take into account the responsibilities of home and business life of all team members while assigning workloads.  In pursuit of perfection, we weigh the benefits against the cost as it pertains to fairness, stability and the well-being of the company.