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Residential Renovation

This residential renovation needed a boost and the WestScott Construction team wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Completed during the summer season, WestScott removed and replaced over 80% of the home’s flooring. There was a full remodel of the...

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Residential Home

WestScott Construction has a history of remodeling projects for Westminster Oaks and that is for good reason. Like many other residential homes, this one needed a refresh, and WestScott was there to provide a total renovation. This full renovation...

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Westminster Oaks 108 Oak South

A residential home at Westminster Oaks was ready for a change, and WestScott Construction was there to answer the call. This remodel covered all the bases, with the removal of cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, light fixtures, shower, toilet...

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4172 Diplomacy Circle

Alongside many other buildings within Westminster Oaks, this home was ready for a remodel, and WestScott Construction was delighted to continue the work with this community. This successful renovation included the removal of old flooring, appliances,...

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