Tale of Two Churches - WestScott Construction
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Tale of Two Churches

A small rural wooden church in the evening sunset

Tale of Two Churches

The old foundation is totally gone and remaining debris will be hauled off soon.

The Ladd Family, Faith Heritage Church


All that was spared by the fire was a single Cross. Not long before flames would engulf a large portion of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the congregation of Family Heritage Church in Quincy, Florida, faced the similar heartbreak of a church home gone up in flames.

Just days into the new year, Faith Heritage Church lead by Pastor Paul Ladd faced the daunting task of starting over, rebuilding from scratch. This small congregation certainly did not have the extensive resources of a world-famous church, but luckily, they did have an abundance of local support. There was an outpouring of assistance from their neighbors in Quincy and surrounding communities, including WestScott Construction, stepping in to assist with the removal of rubble to make way for a new foundation.

Headlines swirled with the inspiring story of a small Florida church whose cross was left untouched as the Faith Heritage congregation started to pick up the pieces to rebuild. From the mood of Pastor Paul Ladd days after the fire, one might not have been able to tell the old church building had been lost, assuring reporters that there was, “A better plan for this church.”

Perhaps their rise from the ashes is preordained as the material destruction of the old church building. 

This accident that brought a community closer may serve as a lesson to all that a real home is not a just physical structure.

Home is any place where people gather together with love in their hearts. So perhaps it bears amending, that the flames spared only a Cross. The fire didn’t leave a single mark on the spirit of the Faith Heritage Church family.