Five Scenic Sanctuaries Around The World - WestScott Construction
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Five Scenic Sanctuaries Around The World

Five Scenic Sanctuaries Around The World

WestScott is no stranger to Church centered projects. We work with our clients to ensure the result of each build or renovation reflects their vision. It’s a joy to help create peaceful breezeways, welcoming sanctuaries that parishioners will enjoy for years to come. Though you can take a look at some of our best [religious structure] work, take a look at some of the temples and churches that get us inspired below. Have you visited any of these? Let us know your favorites!


National Cathedral

A frequent stop on many visitors to Washington D.C. The National Cathedral, built in *1800* is a breathtaking structure to behold. All are welcome pray, meditate, or light a candle. This breathtaking church is open to the public, and tourists are permitted to observe regular services in the Cathedral. When visiting, be sure to participate in one of the guided tours for a closer look at the stained glass, sprawling archways, intricate woodwork, and historic architecture.

“National Cathedral, built in 14th-century Gothic style, stone upon stone, without structural steel, an exercise that took most of the 20th century completed construction in 1990.” 


 Lakewood Church 

Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, is certainly a departure from a traditional church building. Lakewoods modern floorplan with a gigantic sanctuary constructed around a central stage was built to accommodate the thousands of members who come to hear Joel and Patricia Osteen’s sermons. WestScott Inc. experts know about project planning that accounts for comfortable seating, fire marshall compliance, and acoustics. Knowing this makes it easy to appreciate the expert work done on this impressive structure.


Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church

Nestled in a quiet corner of rural America, it is hard to believe a Civil Rights giant graced the small churches threshold. But this humble little church was where it all began for young Martin Luther King Jr. This was where the first hymnal notes stirred his calling, where his own fathers’ sermons sparked a lifetime of insight and wisdom that changed our great Nation. We draw inspiration from his legacy as well as the knowledge that the humblest of beginnings can lead to monumental achievement. 


Four Maranatha Baptist Church of Plains

This quaint church located in a peaceful corner of Plains, Georgia, several visitors come from far and wide to recieve Sunday School lessons from an extraordinary instructor. Members and visitors alike gather at 10:00 am in the sanctuary to study under the tutelage of former President Jimmy Carter. The church’s first and only campus was constructed in December of 1978. The church received a loan grant for +$100,000 in 2012 for refurnishing and remains the primary place of gathering for parishioners and presidents.


Notre Dame 

Though reconstruction after a devastating fire will take time, Notre Dame still stands as one of the most beautiful structures of any kind. In 1163 in the presence of Pope Alexander III, the first stone of Notre Dame was put into place. From that point, the church would undergo demolitions, reconstructions, endure World Wars and trials that put the recent fire into perspective. Notre Dame has overcome far worse and will indeed rise from the ashes.